Solicitors & Process Serving

Process Servers and Private Investigators in Haslemere. Telephone 01428 658493 or email

Corporate Investigation haslemere & surrey

Answers Investigation provide litigation support to legal firms in Haslemere, Surrey and Nationally

Process Serving

We serve legal documents for hundreds of Solicitors, across the county and Nationally, in County Court, High Court and all Court jurisdictions. WWe have years of experience and an enviable success rate

Family Law

Family Law investigation employing Surveillance, computer forensics, tracing and other investigative resources

Computer Forensics

Computers do not lie. A perpetrator who thinks they have removed evidence by hitting the 'delete' key is very mistaken; we can rebuild evidence on a hard drive, restoring key files to their original state and determining, times, dates and access

Process Agents

Answers Investigation act as agents for service of legal process by parties to international agreements. Contracts governed by English Law that are made by overseas parties are advised to appoint an agent for service of legal process in order to avoid complications related with services outside the jurisdiction

Private Investigator

"searching the world for answers"

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